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Sky Go is an online television service from Sky Group provided free for Sky TV subscibers that allows users to watch live and on demand Sky TV via an internet connection. The Sky Go app is available on Windows and Mac computers and also on Android and iOS devices.


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Sky Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I joined Sky through the women in home service programme they were running in January this year. Cons: Long hours, under appreciated, management are bullies"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Cowards afraid to stand up to criticism and giving 20 jobs a day expecting you to finish at 11 every night then ring customers at that time to arrange a time for the following day. A joke"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not a nice place to work, stressful, bullying culture from managers, no time for breaks/ lunch. Sell sell sell environment. Everyone is living in fear of being sacked at any time. Cons: everybody is always on disciplinarys, so they dont have to pay bonuses"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Dont go for a job here worst company EVER they offer you all the best and never come up with the goods they promise you set shifts they dont they promise so much and never do it"

Customer service/sales (Current Employee) says

"Poor management and the consistent belittling of people. There is also a lack of some basic human rights by micromanaging people and their break times and duration."

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"13 yrs as an engineer, was a good job at first but not any more no family or personal life, backstabbing from work colleagues, managers like to bully if you don’t do as they say. If you speak back to them then that’s your cards marked. Don’t get injured as you not get pains if off sick. Managers are crooks selling stock and them sacking engineers making out its them doing it. Also if you’re into drugs then you’re ok as no drug testing and most managers will happy sell you cocaine and other drugs. Stay well away."

Specialist / Buisness Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Left a year ago disgusting management."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Installing Sky from dish to cable to box. Management is aware of the bullies but hopes by ignoring the situation it will go away. The teams are aggressively dominated, closely monitored and run by the specialist engineers behind the scenes with over inflated egos and rife with gossip ready to tear down. Some team members suck up to them by feeding them information in private group chats hoping to earn a right of passage but to no avail. There are cliques throughout. So much back stabbing it's unreal. It was like a prison inmate mentality where you're there to protect yourself rather than earn a living. You cannot be yourself. No proper training. Bonus structure is a lie. Women not paid the same as men. Very undervalued and underpaid for the job you do with no work life balance working 10 hours or more a day in all weathers. It's the old adage with this company, if it seems too good to be true it usually is. Cons: Long hours, underpaid, working in extreme weathers, bullying."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a Sky 'Engineer' in the south wales region and never before have I had a job where the management actively seek your dismissal. I know there are other regions where management treat you like an adult, but not the east region. I was unfortunate to have a manager who had free rein to use you as a play thing to entertain himself and put as much stress and pressure on you your family as he could. Cons: No life and managers lie like a cheap watch"

(Osterly) says

"I was a sales advisor for almost one year at Sky."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Engineers in your team are great. But line managers and regional managers are a nightmare. Engineers are leaving quicker than they can be recruited. Cons: Management, hours, work life balance, salary, expectations, sales, constantly tracked"

Customer Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Absolute horrible place to work, everything is target driven and micro-managed. Take your break a minute early then you get called in. Worst place I’ve ever worked in, would not recommend this god forsaken place to anybody. Management are so trigger happy, started with 17 people, when I left there was 4 left. Not a reliable place to work and the management are not understanding at all. Regarding sick leave, you will be called in for a warning regardless of the illness, even if you had a heart attack at work they could not careless. Thank god I was only there for a short while, if anybody sees sky hiring I highly advice to avoid at all costs, turn away and never look back. Many better places out there. Cons: Everything"

Field sale agent (Former Employee) says

"Sky is a company that isn't hugely professional in how it treats its sales agents. They make little effort to enforce their own standards. Their training isn't very good and the remuneration isn't competitive."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Firstly the job title should NOT be "customer service adviser" it would be "sales adivser". Cons: Everything above"

Customer retention advisor (Former Employee) says

"Mangers were to worried about you meeting your targets and in my opinion than the staff or customers and they passed the blame to other departments would never take a call over if customer wanted to speak to a manager. Cons: poor managment"

Area 5 - Sky Retailer Sales Asst (Former Employee) says

"This was my first sales job and I was sent away, fully paid for by the company, for a weeks training. Upon return, I began the job and hated it instantly. My role was to stand in a shopping mall, hounding shoppers to buy my companys brand of cable tv. I would spend every minute on my feet, there was nothing but a stand with leaflets and a tv on, no staff room, no facilities, nowhere to have lunch nothing. and if you work there alone, you get no lunch break at all. While working there it became very clear that the targets were unrealistic, so much so, other employees would falsify new customers just to make target. I hit target one 3 days only, over the course of my 6 week employment with this company. In addition, two male employees who had worked for the company for quite sometime, were favoritised by management and were often found unpunished for leaving their stand unattended for great periods of time, one of them even went and sat in his car to watch a football match while i was left manning the stand alone. Cons: everything"

Postroom assistant. (Former Employee) says

"I had the terrible misfortune of working as a temp here in the post room and I must say it was the WORST place I had EVER worked in London! Cons: Leaving home to go there."

call center (Former Employee) says

"Ti trattano come se fossi uno schiavo con salari molto bassi rispetto alle ore di lavoro, cercare di manipolare le persone pur di starppare un contratto Cons: tutto"

Call Center Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I have worked in hospital, in the area of chemical disinfection of materials, where I obtained the knowledge and related techniques."

Installation and Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In the years I worked there the process has always been the same if you shut your mouth, do the work and work all the hours that they want you too. You will then be left alone. If not management will remove you with H&S violation or whatever they can fabricate to get rid of you. Cons: Long hours, poor management, treatment of staff terrible."

metz ninja says

"The only helpful feedback available for anyone who doesn't know by now is that you mustn't give Sky money in 2021. SkyGo is an abysmal product. You might get three minutes of uninterrupted streaming for ten minutes of refreshing, relogging, and restarting."

Kevin Ridge says

"Sky app lol garbage"

Steve Love says

"Plainly Sky don't give a stuff about their customers just the £££ they cough up to them. Sky Broadband Superfast and a new Mac doesn't solve problems including: buffering every 20 seconds or so; poor picture quality; sound interference with audio out of sync with picture; pixelation; etc. Good idea - shocking app performance - poorer customer service from Sky (still)."

Daniel Forbes says

"The people that make the app must not test or use it. The quality is POOR and its always stuttering on a good connection. There are no options to switch to HD, how can a non HD program stutter that badly. Even navigating the menus can be slow. The competition is better in every way I have no issues when I use BT, Amazon or Netflix. Its that bad I feel disappointed when football matches are on Sky."

Barry Smith says

"Sky go App on a fast laptop and virgin ultra-fast broadband loses quality every 15 seconds or so. Unwatchable. Absolutely rubbish."

Stuart Buckley says

"Terrible app on Xbox series x, gaming machine capable of 8k streaming sky at 420p what’s going on @sky. Come on guys you must be able to fix how bad your streaming service is."

Steve Crowe says

"Unfortunately can’t give it zero stars. Embarrassingly bad piece of software. 100+Mbps speed and buffering? What a joke"

Gavin says

"An absolute laughable app, if you can call it that. Ive got it plugged via ethernet and yet it still buffers and then can't connect at all (all other apps work fine including netflix amazon and bt). My speed is up at 65mpbs so no issues there. The lay out is a joke and the picture quality is 1980s esque. We all know sky won't do anything and are falling behind bt every year with sport coverage and amazon closing fast. Still no hdr which bt deliver through an app! I heard a rumour sky would move to delivery via Internet services rather than dishes. That is a massive joke!. A company out for profit only. Dont take customer feedback seriously and I will never go back"

Acid Lovestar says

"A genuinely bizarre, utterly befuddling app that needs to download and install a new update about once a week and seems to get progressively worse with each one.

It's abundantly clear that the initial dev team who were contracted to do this just made a complete mess of it. The whole kit and kaboodle needs to be thrown out and they need to start afresh.

Entertainment channels showing up under Sports, text box pop ups refusing to move off the screen until after you've reset the app, intermittent stutters and crashes. The entire framework of it really is just cosmically bad. The whole thing comes off as a mental satire of trying to watch TV on a bad app.

Why do the updates take the visual form of needing to install the app from scratch on your computer, too? Complete with installation window? Can't this just be done in the background?"

Tony Airey says

"Amazed Sky don't invest some time/money in this app. It's probably the worst app from any major corporation - and you can delete "probably" from that opinion."

Donovan Combrinck says

"Absolute rubbish. I remember dial up, and this is worse."

Miles Roberts says

"Constantly buffering, uses a huge amount of memory and every time it updates I get the PFE 9004 error and invariably have to delete and reload it as well as restart my PC. Worst app EVER."

Rodney Nelson says

"Sky go is rubbish the picture quality is poor and the hard drive works overtime trying to keep up with it , stream BT sport, Amozon sport, BBC Sport and YouTube the picture quality is great no fuzziness. You only have to look at the reviews to no know it rubbish. Come on sky sort it out have you no pride in the service you give, you charge enough for it"

Lauren Ivins says

"Absolutely useless. All other apps work fine with my internet on my laptop, with Sky Go I’m lucky if I get more than a minute without it stopping to load. Painful."

Con O Cuinn says

"Was so frustrated I resorted to using torrents instead. I kept trying to watch the program and only got through another 5mins of extreme buffering in the time the whole season had downloaded on uTorrent."

Ryan says

"I'm a new Sky customer and purchased Sky Broadband and TV. Before I signed up I was told I could use Sky Go on any XBOX console but what they don't tell you is that XBOX 360's are no longer supported so Sky Go won't work on it! If you use the PC app its an absolute joke, the sound doesn't work and the video is so laggy that it's unwatchable. It also hammers your CPU which will make the PC unusable. Sky movies are also a joke as there are no new films so you might as well stick with Amazon/Netflix. The router they provide is OK however the boosters are awful and they actually half the throughput of your internet speed. It makes me wonder if they make Sky go unusable on purpose to get you to pay for a mini box and get more money from you. Same for the boosters, do they makes them slow on purpose so they can sell you their "full wireless coverage package"!? Their support staff are friendly but have no technical knowledge at all! The person I spoke to wanted me to believe that the throughput of 5Ghz Wireless is limited to the 35Mbps I was getting. Also I was advised by one person that my cooling off period was 14 days and 31 days by another! What also bugs me about Sky and certain other ISP's is that they are able to see what devices you have attached to your router and look at your network traffic. This is an invasion of privacy so if you value your privacy, get your own router and boosters whatever ISP you choose."

Adam Vaughan says

"Really bad. Tried watching live football on my laptop but it was extremely laggy and slow, pretty much missed most of the match, or the parts I did see were extremely slow.


S George says



Bob Bury says

"Was online to Sky techie today about a different issue (which he sorted for me). Asked about the SkyGo sound sync issue, and he admitted that they have no solution, and are unlikely to have one. Which makes it useless for watching anything, but especially live sport."

James Bayston says

"2 star review solely because the app has game of thrones. Everything else is terrible for the following reasons:
- 5 x long adverts whenever trying to watch anything (when all other paid subscriptions do not force ads)
- No ability to beam to other devices (chromecast, firestick, smart TV or consoles)
- Audio often out of sync with picture
- Poor picture quality on strong WiFi or wired connection
- Sub-par navigation on platform
- Automatically loads all streams at 50% volume when the bast majority of users will control volume from device settings, not app settings.
- No access to in stream settings I.e subtitles, resolution ect

I have likely missed some disappointing aspects out but most of which could be forgiven if they didn't force ads down your throat."

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